Welcome to The Real Spectrum

If you are a sibling, a parent or grandparent, an aunt or an uncle, a cousin, a friend, a neighbor or just a passer bye, I want to give you my perspective of the autistic brain, as a daughter and as a sister. It is important to understand that autism affects the entire family, not just the child. It is just as important to seek professional help for siblings and parents as it is to seek help for the child with autism. It is also crucial to learn more about autism spectrum disorder as a whole. Although it has taken me two years to finally take the steps to educate myself, I think it is beneficial to gain knowledge. It gives you a better understanding on why a child acts the way he or she does. He/she/they can’t control most of their actions. Those actions are autism, and affect how the child sees themselves in the world. Looking at my family, I admire the steps my parents have taken to educate themselves. Make sure to give every family member as well as yourself space. Everyone needs time to themselves to reflect on their emotions and just to calm down. 

One thought on “Welcome to The Real Spectrum

  1. Will Clark

    This blog is outstanding. The articles provide extraordinary and in-depth insight into the issues and struggles of coping with autism from a unique perspective, and from a scientific vantage point. I will be eager to read additional posts to learn more about this condition.


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